Why did Jesus have to die?

BethanySMC - Thursday, 5 April 2012 08:01

The story of the man who died on the cross has been around for over two thousand years. Many great leaders have come and gone since then, but none of them made such a great impact on history as that man whose name was Jesus. His life and death and yes, His resurrection is still celebrated among hundreds of millions of people all across the world. Why is He so significant? What did He do and why did He die, are the questions that I will address briefly.

The man whom the world knew as Jesus was not just a man. His birth was not an ordinary birth. The holy Bible tells us that God who created the entire world, people and all the things that we see and not see, is the very same God who was born in a manger on that Christmas night. His life on earth was not the beginning of His existence; it was a step that God chose to make in order to redeem the world so every one could have a chance to obtain everlasting life.

Living on this earth as a man – Jesus manifested to the world the powers the world had never seen before, miracles and authority that no man had ever experienced. He explained in great detail how people can get right with God and live forever in a world that is more real than the things we see now. His teaching influenced and changed the life and destiny of billions of people.

As we celebrate Easter, let us look into the reason of His death. Why did such a mighty, popular, not ordinary and most influential man have to die? His death wasn’t an accident – it was a choice – His choice. He came to this world to die and shed His blood because only His blood could wash the sins of all the people. The bible reveals that all the people in this world, including me and you, no matter how good we try to be – are guilty of breaking God’s commandments. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God Ro.3:23. The punishment for any sin is eternal death and separation from God. Those who die in sin are all going to a place known as hell. We were all heading toward judgment and that horrible sentence.

The Bible also reveals that God so loved the world that He chose to come and save it; to pay the price for the sins of men and open the doors to eternal life in His kingdom. Without His death and resurrection, you and I would have no hope to get there. Our best efforts are useless – God is so holy and separated from evil that we in our best righteousness would not be allowed into His presence. All sin must be punished by death and Jesus died in my place for my sins. God justifies and considers holy those who believe and appreciate what Jesus did for them, who confess their sins and turn away from sinning. Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Jn.3:16. What you believe will determine your destiny!

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