What shall I do to be saved?

BethanySMC - Thursday, 29 September 2011 03:02

The question was asked, addressed, and recorded in the Holy Bible about 2000 years ago. On various occasions, helpless to save themselves, people were looking for an answer to this deep question being confronted by their own conscience. Since then, this question found resonance in many sincere hearts of people just like you and me.

Throughout the ages many attempted to come up with personal versions for salvation mixing in traditions, myths, truth and their personal agenda. To stick with only the truth, was above what they were willing to pay; the price was too great for them, the only way – too narrow to stay on the right path. As for me, I chose to cling to the original way recorded in the Holy Scriptures; the source that over the time has been proven for accuracy and found faultless.

Looking around, my heart began to ache, seeing masses following falsified religions and their leaders without the knowledge of the truth. I also saw those, who are scared to death to even think that they could be wrong; scared to examine their beliefs or “their truth”. Genuine truth will stand strong under trial or cross examination. Perhaps you, my reader, already have your opinions formed concerning this subject; I want to challenge you to examine it. If your opinions are true, and it may or may not be so, it will withstand all trials, but if you find something that you have believed to be the answer, failing – don’t play with it. Get a hold onto the real truth and stick to it for your life’s sake because we are not talking about a car or a house as important as they could be, but eternal destiny for your soul!

The Holy Scriptures reveal that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” all including me and you. You see, God who created people, created them to live forever in His presence and glory. To enjoy everything God had to offer in His generosity, love, care, riches, etc. In fact, when God created the first people – He saw the opportunity to achieve such a unity with mankind and harmony, as you can picture between a man and a woman who are ready to get married. They are ready to do anything for the one they love not because they have to,  but simply because they are ready and willing to give themselves for each other; nothing of selfishness. Thus, God created people with a free will; otherwise, you would not enjoy love and appreciate it if it was forced upon you. For a while everything went according to God’s plan. One day, the devil- which used to be one of the top angels, rebelled against God and was thrown from heaven and sentenced for eternity in the lake of hell fire.  While he waits for his execution he is still trying to fight against God. The best way he is able to cause God pain is to deceive and persuade those whom God loves the most – people. Yes, you and I are his main target; he wants us to join him in his rebellion. By the first disobedience of Adam and Eve, sin that separates us from God entered into the world. Since then – everything went downhill. People were attempting to get back to God, but the holy nature of God would have nothing in common anymore with the sinful man. This event indeed caused God a great suffering. He still loved His creation that He created in His very image and likeness. Now when people sentenced themselves to the same destiny as the devil – God’s love couldn’t just let them perish. That’s where the plan of salvation was about to take place. When God counted the cost for the sin of His people – we were faced with an unbelievable great price. Since we were his masterpiece – nobody and nothing in this world could redeem us back to Him and pay a price for us. Yes, nobody qualified to win back our loyalty and love and to return our heart back to God- except God Himself.

About 2000 years ago a little baby was born. Nobody, except a few understood, that this baby was the very same God, the creator of heaven and earth, who created people, all the galaxies and countless stars. It was and is still a mystery for many, a truth that is hard to swallow; a young virgin lady would conceive and give birth without any sexual relations with a man. For a period of time nobody completely understood all the things this baby had to go trough, although, very detailed prophecies were given to the ancient prophets regarding His birth, life, death and resurrection that were recorded in the sacred books. Many of those prophecies would completely make no sense and those people who dared to speak on God’s behalf were killed for what other considered “nonsense”.  However, it came to pass in due time and proved to be a reality.  God willfully stepped down from glory, to live out the sinless life in the very same flesh like all of us have, to give His life away to redeem those whom he loved – you and me! What he did reminds me of a young man whose bride was taken away from him by force to be abused and killed, and he fights with the enemy to get her back; dying himself, but setting her free from captivity. She is free now and so are you and me; to choose again between your savior and those who want to use, abuse, ruin your life and eventually destroy you. This choice is between God and Devil – whom will you choose.  After his death, Jesus rose from the grave on the third day. During these three days when he was physically dead, His spirit went to see all of those souls of the people who died since the day of creation; those souls were waiting for judgment day. He proclaimed to them that he purchased them all by His blood and they have the hope of salvation. It was their “once in a death time” opportunity to be united with God again. In fact, as the scripture reveals, many believed him and were resurrected with Him on 3rd day after his death. After resurrection Jesus’ body was transformed into a new body that does not subject to the laws of physics anymore, although marks from suffering and crucifixion were still present. The very same type of body we are promised to receive right after our death. For over a month Jesus was present with disciples and crowds of people, after that He visibly ascended into heaven and sat back on His throne. The task of salvation was finished! Meanwhile – Christianity spread like a wild fire. Neither persecutions, nor any other means were able to stop the good news- you can be saved by simply believing and boldly proclaiming that you choose Jesus to be your Lord-God. Wholeheartedly believing that what he has done for you is enough to restore you back to the beauty of fellowship with God, to the life in His kingdom- where you can enjoy everything first people lost.

            What should you do to be saved? First and foremost- Believe that everything Jesus did was for you; believe that he cares about you and died for you because he loves you. Believe His every word; ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart for the rebellion against Him and for all the commandments you have ever broken.  Get back to Him – He is waiting for you with outstretched arms!!! He will receive you, forgive you and save you from the lake of fire, where you have sentenced yourself by taking sides with the devil. I promise you, after you taste and see your new life in Christ, the joy of being in real fellowship with your God- you will not miss what you had before! After all, it is not hard to love, when you fall in love with someone who loves you back. When you experience true love- you don’t do things because you have to… Rather because you want to. If after reading this you still think that by choosing Jesus, you will be obligated to do anything- you missed it, and I did a poor job of explaining. Experience His love for you, and you would want to know more of Him who loved you first and died for you to save your soul from everlasting hell.

Everything from A to Z about Jesus, how he saved you, his love for you and his commandments are recorded in the Holy Bible.  The holy Bible has two parts – one part was written before God, in Jesus Christ, came to earth and contains prophecies, object lessons from history that is still relevant today in their spiritual applications. The other part is all about Jesus and His teachings- I challenge you to read the New Testament. Your life is never going to be the same. Only Jesus can give you true rest and the peace of mind.

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