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One of the characteristics – the mark that distinguishes Christians: Meekness

– ability to endure injury with patience and without resentment; expressed in manners, submission, not violent or loud.

A child of God must be meek no matter who he/she is. Man (James 3:13), a house wife or any believer (1 Peter 3:4). In fact, the invitation to learn meekness expands to all people when Jesus said, “come unto me…I will give you rest. Learn of me, for I am meek and you shall find rest for your souls.”

You see, when we lack meekness – we are exposing our souls to the struggles that we should have nothing to do with, unnecessary stress, and an unfavorable result. Just think about – when we hear the truth preached, challenging us to surrender something that is unpleasing to God, or perhaps to ask forgiveness from someone we have hurt, or deal with a situation where we were the victim; without meekness, our flesh will lead the way to a wrong path. Resisting God, we will have torment in our soul and may end up lost all together. By not forgiving others, we carry the load of bitterness that not only ruins our health but keeps us from the forgiveness of God! Trying to defend our self and do revenge- we do harm to others, as well as breaking many commandments along the way…

How much better is it to learn of Jesus and the prophets of old? After all, the light and easy load with unrest and stress is much heavier than the heavy load with rest and peace. You see, meek Christians are really prospering in their Christian walk. There are many promises just for the meek. The yoke is really light for them and the burden is very easy because they carry it with rest in their souls. Ps. 22:26, 25:9,37:11, 147:6, 149:4, Isa. 29:19. Mat. 5:5, 11:29

Meekness is not weakness. It is victory of the Spirit over the flesh! It is the strength controlled by the Spirit! The Holy Bible speaks of meekness as the fruit of the spirit.  When it is manifested in Christians – people see Jesus!!!

How do we learn meekness? First we must understand what it is and how it’s expressed. Perhaps many Christians naturally produce it by following the Word of God – overcoming the flesh by the Spirit – without even thinking of themselves as meek people. However, if this is not your story, you need to do some learning… Learn of Jesus!

* Begin to make a choice after choice to obey willfully. Every time God’s Spirit whispers to you to do something, take all effort to do it!
* Keep your volume down as you speak or explain something in normal conversation/ confrontations.
* Forgive
* Give place for the wrath of God, when somebody does evil to you
* Submit yourself to the authority God placed in your life

As you go along the path you will see God’s grace multiply in your life, the joy will fill your heart, and the peace and rest for your soul will be your companions!!!

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