I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life

BethanySMC - Thursday, 22 September 2011 03:22

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life” – we often hear this quote and most likely you have memorized it since childhood. Some might even know where it is written… (Jn.14:6) However, did you ever stop and ponder what it practically means for you?  Would you consider looking into the heart of these words with me?

      Jesus claimed to be the truth.  His mission was to live this truth out in everyday life, to speak about it and to teach it. Jesus revealed to us the true nature of God- the true will of God. In His Kingdom, there is no place for lies, in fact, nobody who is unrighteous or a liar will enter that kingdom where truth is ruling.

      Have you ever thought why Pharisees could not stand Jesus? Why is it that the most religious people demanded His crucifixion? The answer is simple… the same way as truth can’t tolerate lie, the very same way hypocrisy and lie cannot live peacefully with truth. We know that truth hurts sometimes; however, there is healing in such pain if we accept what is true or else there is going to be a war against it.

      I am the truth- said Jesus; that is why I am hated – people don’t like to be exposed in their wrong doings. Consider yourself for a moment. Are you in harmony with truth? Is there anything dark in your life that is hidden from everyone?  Is everything honest in your life? Remember, if not, you must get right with Jesus who is the source of truth- lest you fight against it until you perish causing  those who hold on to it suffer along the way. I challenge you to examine yourself… History repeats itself, Jesus and the truth is still hated in this world today.

      Stick to His words! They are all true! They will be fulfilled! They are the true direction to heaven!  Choose truth today and you will not walk in darkness of many opinions and false religions. The truth is available for you, will you take it? Believe it! … And when you do… let me tell you what is going to happen to you… the same thing that have been happening for thousands of years.

      The truth will enter in and as a result everything else will have to leave. Practically speaking, your life will be changed. You will begin to see things and discern traps and ditches that is set before you by the enemy of your soul to stop you, to kill, and to destroy you. You are going to avoid them by making choices that are right and pleasing to God. Embracing the truth will protect your mind and keep you in perfect peace and sound mind. Along the way you will find supernatural strength and provision. All of a sudden you will realize that some people no longer like you… your truthful life is like a thorn to their eyes- revealing to their countenances their poor condition.

      If you will press forward… soon you will realize that Jesus is your way, you are on the way walking in His footsteps, doing things Jesus’ way. In fact, Jesus will become your way of life – eternal life that will start here on this earth. Jesus will be honored in the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you spend time alone, the way you rest. Embracing the truth will affect every area of your social and private life, your goals, and purposes. It might not be an easy way. You will face persecutions, once and again you will have to die to yourself, caring the cross along the way. However, this is the best way and the only way that will bring you to the beautiful end. The end – where true life begins and never ends. The more you will grow in the knowledge of Jesus- the truth…, clearer and clearer you will see the end of all things. Will you chose the right way today – The truth and eternal life? Take it seriously today and you will not regret later!

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