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BethanySMC - Thursday, 20 October 2011 02:08

From a very young age, we are instructed what to do and what not. Every family has its own laws and customs. Among all that Jesus thought and instructed his followers there was one law that was stressed heavier than all the rest. Everyone who expects to reign with Christ for eternity must have an evidence of love!  Anything great or small done without love will be accounted as nothing.

Truly, many of you might be surprised to know that love indeed is the major law for all of God’s people. His people are seen, proofed, and marked by it. All your religious deeds, devotions, service is worth absolutely nothing if you’re doing it without love. There are many who claim to love God but in reality they are hypocrites that are headed for judgment because they have chosen to not love the truth. Resisting the truth, they resist Jesus, whose name is truth and life. In the book of Revelation, Jesus tells us that those who have no love will be spewed out of His mouth.

We might be religious, but if it is not coming out of genuine love for Christ, it is in vain. Before you and I were saved, there was a love in the heart of God that moved Him to save us. He paid a horrible price for our sins. His holy face was bruised above all man! Loving us He suffered death on the cross! Now it is our turn to prove that we love Him! How far will our love lead us?

I’m sure there are those who have no problem dying for those whom they love. How about for the Lord Jesus? Do you love Him that much to live for him, to follow his council and commandments without arguing? The New Testament has commandments that can be fulfilled only out of love. Let us glorify God by walking in love, and when you have a chance to share with someone why you do what you do – you could point to Jesus – the one who loved you first and whom you love the most!

Few checkpoints of love:

  • love for neighbors/brethren
  • love for the word of God
  • obedience to the truth

If you are not delighted to have fellowship with the family of God regarding the age differences…

If you do not have an appetite for the word of God…

If you close your ears from and turn your back to the truth – you simply in need of repentance.

Perhaps start from the beginning where all your sins were purged – Calvary! God’s proof of His love is there – it should be your place to start as well.

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