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BethanySMC - Monday, 3 October 2011 01:49

It began a long time ago! Long before you and I came into this world as little babies. In fact, the story took place long before people walked on the face of the earth. It was in the heart of God – the idea to create someone who would carry the image and likeness of God Himself. Someone who is able to think, to choose, act, create, speak, laugh and love. In His plan, God saw people who’ll enjoy mutual friendship with Him. He saw them in His presence enjoying His glory and He wanted them to be His companions for all of eternity.

Being a creative being, God formed the man from the dust of the earth and breathed in him the breath of Life. In a short while the woman was created from a rib that was taken from the man…and so the history began.

For a while the first people were enjoying life in God’s presence; meanwhile, the devil who was one of the top archangels in heaven, rebelled against God, considering himself equal with God and was thrown down from heaven. In rage against God, the devil’s main target became people, someone who was dear to God and whom God loved the most. His goal is to destroy God’s plan for the human race.

Devil found a way to deceive Eve and caused the first people to sin against God. The sin committed by the people defiled them and separated them from God’s presence, and from all the hopes and dreams that God had for His creation. However, the devil didn’t stop at this. He couldn’t hurt God any way else except to ruin the human race, dragging people further and further away from God’s original purpose. Devil knows that the day will come when he will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire for all of eternity. So, until then he has his mission to accomplish to take as many people with him as he possibly can. In fact, he wants you to join him and fight against God, or at least disobey and reject Him and His love.

God was deeply moved by all of this, He decided to save his beloved creation from the same eternity that he prepared for the devil and his demons.

By justice, no sinner could go unpunished and by the law – any rebellion against God must be punished by the lake of fire. In the spiritual world the devil has no parole or repentance. But how about the people – flesh and blood. Would they have a chance? Yes. God decided to punish the sin that was committed by people by the very nature of man – flesh and blood. He began to look for a candidate to take all of the sins of the world and to die for everybody… He could have found volunteers, but the problem was that the body and blood presented had to be free from sin and should be given by the individual’s own choice. It was obvious that there was no candidate that would meet the qualifications, since every single person born after Adam and Eve inherited the sinfulness from their parents and from a very young age this sinful nature let everyone know of its existence.

While devil was raging, God was about to do the unspeakable. His decision was to take the guilt of all people upon Himself. Not just guilt, but every evil thing there is because of sin. Over the centuries He was preparing people for this moment – the moment where once again people could obtain all the privileges and blessings, and to be free from bondage, sins, and enjoy eternity in God’s presence.

The Old Testament of the Holy Bible is the history and prophecies of the time, before the moment when God stepped down from heaven and came into this world as a baby. By the way, this is the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, Jesus was born, lived a sinless life, and took your and my sins upon Himself. He died on the cross in my place, paying justice its wages – saving me from eternal damnation to hell. His blood washed me. He endured all the humiliation, pain and shame for you and me. He gave His body to be broken and ridiculed – but on the third day He rose from the dead and went back to heaven, expecting us there! He is waiting for us, but there is a condition to join Him – free will friendship – God doesn’t force Himself to anyone. He opened the door to salvation and send messengers like me to tell you that you can come, and if you wish, be in God’s team – be God’s child. He set the requirement clear – faith in Him like in a good old friend and faithfulness to His words. Those who will appreciate His plan, His work of salvation, repent for all the sins they have committed, reject evil of this world, and by faith receive the justification from sins – will enter that door. Those who reject and will not believe will be left for judgment. Judgment is appointed to the devil and his followers.

People who choose darkness and reject their salvation will be condemned with the devil.

Do not be one of them! Invite Jesus, open up your heart to Him and realize, that without Him you are lost – a sinner who has no potential to ever pay for your sins. When your life is over, I want to see you in Heaven. That’s why I gave you this to read.

You don’t know when your life will be over. Do not wait – until it is too late! God loved you so much that He gave Himself for you! It is foolish to reject an offer of love! I pray you see this. Life is too short to join the devil who is already sentenced and who wants to steal and kill your soul. It is written in a book called the Holy Bible, the book that was inspired by God and has been proven by time for accuracy – everything prophesied there was fulfilled with 100% accuracy for 1,000s of years. I encourage you to read it for yourself. The New Testament is the message of Jesus to those who will choose and love Him, to those who will be His people. I want you to meet Jesus, experience His love and joy of being His child, freedom form sin, and rest for your soul and mind that only Jesus can give. I want everyone to be part of His Kingdom – where Jesus will be reigning and where our true inheritance awaits us. Why don’t you open your heart for the One who died to save you? Come to Him, repent and live! Live now – and ever after in His Glory!

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