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Man and His Finances

Leadership Seminar by Mose Stoltzfus

We have all been given the privelege to have and manage finances. God’s Word has a lot to say about money and related issues. If we are not faithful in financial things, we cannot be trusted in spiritual matters either.

The reason why I recommend this seminar is simply because it has very practical, hard to find material, deeply rooted on solid biblical principles. Mose is a successful buisnessman and an elder in Ephrata, PA. He has experience and wisdom that comes with age.

This is a good resource for all young people who are thinking of getting married someday. A Wrong view and inability to manage finances is one of the major reasons for the many failed and troubled marriages today.

Listen  Save    Principles of Biblical Finances
Listen  Save    Bondage of Debt
Listen  Save    Mortgages and Loans
Listen  Save    Financial Wisdom
Listen  Save    Snare of Riches


The Godly Home

Seminar by Denny Kenaston – 1990

Denny and Jackie Kenaston were saved in 1972 out of the “hippie culture.” The Lord Jesus delivered them from drugs, drinking, and many other things that go along with that lifestyle. They raised their eight children in the rural setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for 29 years. In this setting, they have found many opportunities to extend their home school far beyond the classroom. Also,  God has placed an anointing upon him to call the church back to a burden for the family. Thousands of “The Godly Home” series have been sent out all over the world in the last twenty years. Many families have fallen on their faces in repentance, and received a new vision for a godly home. Your heart and your home will be challenged and changed by these messages. May God bless you.

Listen  Save   Godly Heritage
Listen  Save   Bible Pictures of a Godly Home
Listen  Save   Rod of Discipline
Listen  Save   Training Children (Part 1) 
Listen  Save   Training Children (Part 2) 
Listen  Save   Where are The Men?  
Listen  Save   Helpful Meditations on Child
Listen  Save   Beautiful Holy Spirit Filled Home

If God touched you trough these messages and you care about  the future of you home-

Check out new Godly Home Series that was preached in January 2003

(p.s. you can order complete seminar on CD from their website free of charge) 

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