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Virtues of the Kingdom of God: Peace

Peace – a short word, yet describes what is missing in this world in general. Quiet ordered life, freedom from disturbances, state of security with no thought of worries, oppression or any other disturbing thoughts or emotion, harmony in personal relationships, and no war. Who wouldn’t want that? The human race longs for peace, looking for various solutions in science, politics, economics, psychology. As it is hard to find money in an empty wallet, so it is impossible to obtain real peace apart from Christ.

Jesus calls people unto himself offering them peace and rest. Those who will hear him will obtain it. And those who have heard him can testify. In fact, the peace from God exceeds all expectations of man! You probably will not understand unless you experience peace in your own life.

Picture a little baby sleeping in his mother’s arms. Consider what this baby is stressing or worrying about. Nothing! Nothing in this world matters to Him. Economics, politics, wars, bills – can not affect his peace even a bit. He is secure in his mother’s arms. This picture is just a glimpse of that peace that a person can have regarding any circumstances when they rest in the arms of an Almighty God. Jesus assures us that no one can pluck us out of His hands! It takes trust and a relationship to achieve such peace!

The more you know Christ Jesus, the more you will be assured that what He has promised – He will do it. It is such a comfort to be able to tell him all my needs and desires allowing his supernatural peace to fill my heart. I consider it a privilege to be able to lay my ways aside and take what’s best for my life, from hands that were once nailed to the cross for me. By trusting and loving Him, God works all things together for my good! It is not passive thinking. It is a fulfilling life in the midst of a beautiful relationship with God, my creator. I wake up and go to sleep with peace in my heart, and the future that I see is much brighter than anything in the past! Truly, Jesus exceeds all my expectations.

I challenge you to begin a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Choose the way of obedience and see for yourself – the peace you have never experienced will fill your heart.

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