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Virtues of the Kingdom of God: Joy

Have you ever seen someone who won a nice vehicle or a lot of money? It seems that they can burst from the joy of such good luck. Yet some time later this excitement leaves and slowly gives place to disappointment or even depression, guilt, or sickness. Some people even wish they would have not won it in the first place.

My friend – anything this world has to offer might bring joy only for a moment. This joy is very temporal and leaves as soon as it can. There is no full joy in this world. You can chase all your life for satisfaction and for a moment of joy only to realize that you’ve wasted your time; deep inside you will not be happy no matter how much you have and what you have achieved. The thought that you are doing much better than others would not give peace to your soul. Why? Because what you need – only God can give! Jesus offers joy that no one can take from your heart. Jesus offers full joy that will remain forever. No circumstances could cause you to loose this satisfaction, gladness and joy.

Christian joy is much misunderstood today. People seem to have a hard time comprehending those who claim to have full and permanent joy – while denying themselves from the many pleasures this world has to offer.  What is the joy that those Christians boast about? What do they have that makes them so glad? Christian joy is tightly linked to the center of Christianity – Jesus Christ. By His death and resurrection, He set them free from sin and death. It is appointed for all people to die and then judgment. However, those who believe in Jesus have assurance to live forever even when physical death takes place. They are justified by Jesus whom they believe and follow. Moreover, they expect reward for any sufferings they go trough while having supernatural comfort and help from the Holy Spirit.  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven – said Jesus. Mt.5:12.

There are students that party all year long but have much sorrow before and after the finals. Christians are like students who diligently do their homework to receive their degree. They will party when school is over.  Life is short – perhaps shorter than we want it to be. Now and then there are sparks of excitement. A horrible reality, that with each birthday we are closer and closer to the end of our journey. What waits for us after death?  There is not much comfort in uncertainty!

If you have never experienced what a joy it is to be free from guilt and sin. What a joy to be God’s child, to have hope and kingdom prepared for you, to have nothing to worry about– come to Jesus. You will be glad you did, you will rise and go to sleep in peace and confidence of tomorrow!  Ask Him to forgive your sins. Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. Ask Him to save you from wrath and judgment – that every sinner will inherit.  Surrender your life to his love and mercy. Choose the life of obedience and discover for your self what you have been missing for a long time – permanent, complete joy here on earth and ever after in His presence.

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