Issue #2 – Are there any problems with miracles of the Bible

BethanySMC - Thursday, 24 September 2015 06:49

Remarks for previous post – Morality-

I posted a short devotional a while ago, “Cruel Master.”  Take a look at it. If I would write this devotion today, I would probably be more focused on “morality” of an unbeliever (slaves to the devil). Today aborted babies, broken homes and families, broken relationships, murder, hatred, abuse and suchlike show that only a blind man can find “better morality” in atheism, outside of God’s law or find an immorality problem with God. Those who choose to follow the blind will be both in the ditch or worse.  If the Bible is true, the worst immoral thing a person can do is to help his family and friends get captive by the devil, to be tormented here on earth and then perish in eternal hell. Unfortunately, that is a new “morality” for some people these days.

Are there any problems with miracles of the Bible?

In this section, I will continue to expose the works of the Devil in his attempt to persuade people to unbelief.  By questioning integrity of the Bible concerning supernatural miracles, the Devil uses “placebo effect” arguments to dismiss undeniable supernatural acts of God and miracles.

Let’s see if “Logic and Reasoning” are good friends to defend the “placebo effect” when we deal with the supernatural. But before, let me mention that even in a Court of Law (which my former brother is majoring in) – a party is considered to be innocent until proven guilty. That would help tremendously when we examine Biblical and historical claims of miracles.

Any historical record we have is believed to be true, unless evidences are found to bring arguments against it.  All the great deeds that great people ever did, today are records that are found and believed to be true.

We have no business to doubt miracle records of the Bible; as there is no reason to not believe in other historical records. People who testify of them would only make a joke of themselves to their contemporaries, if they would go against major doctrine of saying the truth (which Christian people sincerely and consciously believed to be essential for salvation), in order to convince somebody.  People, who experienced the power of God, had nothing to gain by making false testimonies; in fact, they were willing to lose everything, including their own life for the testimony that was true.

One prominent Lawyer argues that Biblical testimonies would be universally accepted in any courtroom if they would be put on trial. He wrote a whole book about it. To learn more, check this link:

From the point of view that there is God who works supernaturally and there is a real Devil that can also perform some miracles, there is a 100% probability that miracles were, can and still take place. Now let me ask, what probability do you suppose there is of a dead being raised by placebo effect, for someone to walk on water, or for a man born blind to get his sight? Virtually all Biblical miracles that we have historical record of, except maybe a few, could not be written off as “placebo effect”.  We can’t condemn them “false” or “Guilty” without objective evidences against such records.

How about modern day miracles? It is true that my generation didn’t see much genuine miracles in our circles. Our generation is yet to see the revival as our parents have seen! When I was a small boy, living in Belarus, I heard of many remarkable works of God and how God was manifesting his power in the last revival. When I came to USA, I met older people from different parts of the former Soviet Union who personally experienced the power of God during that time and confirmed those testimonies that I heard as a boy. Today, with very little opposition, a lot of Christians are lukewarm and the devil uses this for his advantage.

Nowadays, it is not strange that you can find a lot of counterfeit, considering how the numbers of professed believers have grown over time. Here and there we see weeds that pretend to be wheat, and the Devil truly sometimes gives “placebo” to shadow or dismiss reality.  If a personal testimony of God’s supernatural intervention some skeptic could label “placebo”, there are multitudes of undeniable testimonies that could not be written off by placebo effect and is a mystery to doctors, scientists and our culture in general, that waits for science to one day explain its certain phenomenon.

Those supernatural acts of God that affect people on large distances, or answered prayer that affect somebody other than the praying person – are not “placebo”. I personally met number of people whose testimony was confirmed by the independent sources. The latest I heard of and can remember is the testimony of Tatyana Malinowski form “Vinistka Church”.

Contrary to the Bible, modern day since has no explanation by logic and reasoning, the spiritual realties, such as miracles or even spirit possession phenomenon that is observed and documented all over the world. People write books about it, create documentaries, but still no logical scientific explanation of the supernatural.  No reason or logic can explain demon possession and how certain “mental disorders” can be cast out or be transferred from one person to another like a “virus.” Once at work, as I walked by the cafeteria, I saw a fragment of the study that was conducted in Africa among the tribal people, who through the occult rituals, were “experiencing” as they called “spirit possession;” in our terms, it’s demon possession. It was not surprising that they had no explanation to many supernatural things that people experienced during such occult rituals.

Bible clearly has more answers and explains the supernatural and its sources. Logic and reasoning can only deny all spiritual realities, call supernatural “placebo” or magic but have no scientific explanation for undeniable “phenomenon”.

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