Is He asleep?

BethanySMC - Thursday, 20 October 2011 03:54

Mt8:24  …but he was asleep.

There is a passage in the Holy Scriptures where Jesus fell asleep on the boat. That night the disciples had very stressful time of their lives. The heavy wind and stormy waters were about to flood the boat and their lives were at stake.

The question asked by Isaiah: Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? – has one answer: God never sleeps because he is not man to be tired; his eyes are constantly on those who fear him. Nevertheless, from the story of Jesus sleeping on the boat, we can draw the analogy and learn a lesson that can save us from shipwreck.

While working hard to make our way through life, let us not forget to give Jesus a chance to bring us safe. Preoccupied with work for Christ or personal business, we often tend to stop thinking about that Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it.Ps126.

What happens when you do the work by yourself?   Jesus feels left out because you have your job, or friends and your education to help you. After a while, sitting all alone, Jesus feels sleepy and maybe an hour later He falls asleep. No wonder why, I would do the same. Don’t get me wrong – He is still on the front of your boat, but you are too busy to bother him and why? Everything is going nice and smoothly.

You don’t hear Him speaking to you. So what? You still remember the last time he did -you felt refreshed and filled with purpose, direction and strength. Hour after hour passes by, it’s getting darker but you have no worries, you have friends to chat with, text messages unlimited are coming and going, iPod is keeping you awake, or perhaps you just got a new movie that you must see – everything to enjoy the ride.

Here and there a few drops of rain come from the sky. It might rain, you think. Sudden strokes of wind… You didn’t expect that, but that’s okay you will make it somehow. Wave after wave hit your boat, darker and darker it gets, and soon you see no light at all – dee-e-e-p darkness. Heavy rain and huge waves hit your little boat.

From time to time you can see for a moment, when lightning breaks the darkness again and again. Despise your efforts to keep the water out of your little boat – it’s half full. Few more waves and the water will cross the critical line when nobody will be able to save your boat or your life.

And Guess what? Now you remember of Jesus! Even though it is a bit too late, it’s a good thing you did! What do I see? You are on your knees asking Him to help you!? How about people around you?  What will they think of you?

Praise God that you don’t care about their opinion now. You need Jesus to save you and that’s all that matters. Humbly you beg Him for mercy and help.

Oh, what a joy? Jesus woke up! He stood on your boat and spoke His word – word of authority and command. Everything settled down immediately: wind, storm, rain – and in a quiet moment words of Jesus spoken directly to your heart. “My child, don’t leave me anymore. Have faith and learn the lesson that can save you from shipwreck in the years to come. I am able to bring you safely to the other end. Just don’t be too busy. Don’t leave me alone. Let me help you!”

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