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Virtues of the Kingdom of God: Humility

God hates pride because people give credit to themselves, instead of being thankful to God. Humility is another foreign element to this world. In fact, it is truly foreign because it comes from a different Kingdom. The king himself brought it here to us. Unfortunately, humility is not popular here on earth, just as the king himself. Moved by great love and compassion for me and you, God left his glory, honor, angels – who worship him day and night – and humbly became a man who had no place to live or lay his head to rest! Moreover, he was humiliated by people who spit in his face, beat him, mocked, and crucified him. Proud, arrogant, self-sufficient, independent people had no desire to accept his teachings or to follow his example.

Upon Jesus’ crucifixion, there were only a handful of those who still believed him, but what a miracle, in a short time after his resurrection his teachings spread across the world like a wild fire sweeping more and more new territories and people. Many millions of “firefighters” volunteered to kill this fire, but it is still burning in the hearts and lives of those who found the pearl of a lifetime in Jesus and his words! Humility is one of the virtues those people have, reflecting the love and principles of a new kingdom – where they now have a place and citizenship.

To be humble in this world is considered to be a loser. People take pride in what they do, who they are, and what they accomplish. This pride is their fulfillment at the end of the day.

Pride is displayed in the way people speak, their manners, goals. Nobody likes to submit to authorities or willfully take the last place of importance. People in this world desire to be highly esteemed or looked at – they dress costly, live luxuriously; they make themselves attractive and sensual, in attempt to satisfy the inner pride of the lost man.

The principles of God’s Kingdom are completely opposite to the principles this world lives by. In God’s Kingdom these things have no value or place. To be dependent on God, to be submissive to his word, to be a servant, to be a worker who doesn’t wait for recognition, to be like Jesus- this are the goals of true Christians. You can find such people on their knees in their closets crying before God daily. They bring no attention to themselves no matter what they do. On praises or blames they do not react, but remain calm.

They are insignificant to this world, yet highly esteemed by God. This is for whom he prepared a greatest place in his Kingdom. This is to whom God gives grace, whose prayers he will answer and give good gifts.

Some people still insist that the way of pride is a better way. I will not argue with them. All you have to do is wait another 50- 70 years to see how those who are proud today will be humbled by God. The picture will change, when we take our first step into eternity. Somebody “great and famous” will be considered lowest of all, another will depart from God’s Kingdom to spent eternity in everlasting torment.  However many others, not known in this world, will shine like stars for ever and ever.

Humility is a jewel of high value. It is worth the price no matter what the cost is. Let us imitate Jesus; not the devil who become proud and now waits for judgment.

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