Honor all men

BethanySMC - Saturday, 1 September 2012 11:58

Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.  1Peter 2: 17

There are people, we say that are truly worthy and deserve to be treated with honor –men of integrity and uprightness, men of service, influential and nobleman that have accomplished something meaningful.  Most people have no problem honoring such people. Millions of books have been written about them, monuments have been built-in remembrance of them. The challenge is when it comes to honoring those who do not deserve to be honored; whether it is a king or a plain “Bob” who lives next door, works next to you or takes classes with you. God may have blessed you more than someone else. It doesn’t give you the license to look down on others.

Christian respect to people is not limited to their achievements and personality. It goes way beyond cultural standards and customs. There are those whom we are called to honor in words and actions, esteem them highly despise their bad choices and evil practices. Our values may diametrically oppose theirs; and while we have zero tolerance of wrong things, we ought to honor them as God’s creation, as those whom God has given eternal souls. Christ esteems them very high and paid a tremendous price for men in order to save them. Upon true repentance, even the worst of sinners has a potential to become a child of God and inherit the kingdom of God. As God’s children, we should refuse to take advantage over someone weak. We are called to bless and not curse, speak well and submit to every human authority over us; either it is parents, elders in the church or government authorities, doing everything we can to bring people closer to God. Everything that is required of us by the law and other governing authorities, if it doesn’t violate the word of God – must be honored. God chooses and places kings and rulers of the land. God allows them to try and even test our faith and commitment to Christ.

To honor all men and honor the king, gives followers of Christ no room for evil speaking or doing. No room for rebellion. No room for using or abusing other people. We have to remember this especially in our everyday life among our families. All disagreements and offences must be handled in a respectful manner.

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