Give not that which is holy unto the dogs

BethanySMC - Sunday, 2 October 2011 11:42
Matthew 7:6  “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine…”

Before you proceed any further try to answer following questions.

*What are the holy things that I possess?
*What are my pearls?
It is commanded not to waste that which God has made holy in my life. He sanctified my body, soul, and spirit. He gave me the white garments of His righteousness. Through great suffering He has made me holy! By His blood I have been cleansed from sin and guilt!
In our Christian life, there are things that we have received and things we are expected to develop – pay a price for it. Such things as character, testimony, reputation are not just given automatically – it develops over time through much suffering and the denying of self; just like a pearl that is developed under great pressure and pain on the bottom of the sea.
How can we waste our pearls? Simply taking part with dogs and swine with a good hope that these holy and precious pearls will be appreciated by the world, or perhaps thinking that such fellowships will not have any negative effect on us. However, every time you enjoy same “vomit”, – which speaks of foolishness and sins that often lead to captivity – you are trading that which is holy by giving it to dogs to mock and defile. These precious pearls that cost you so much could be trampled under their feet in no time. After all, the world has no concern of the value of your pearls. If you join such fellowships you would be expected to act, dress, and speak in a certain way which would be going against your conscious big time. Anything you do wrong will be a cause for them to mock Christ. The bottom line is, do not be yoked with unbelievers, have no fellowship with the unrighteous. Do not seek for common ground with those who do not value Christ or His words unless they are coming on your territory through serious conversation.

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