Faith doesn’t fear

BethanySMC - Saturday, 17 November 2012 09:16

 By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment. Hebrews 11:23

 If we consider all the circumstances that the Jewish people were facing in Egypt, and the laws that were passed, it is not hard to picture fear in the hearts of many women who were about to give birth. Many prayers were probably sent to heaven begging for “girls.” Considering the abundant increase and fruitfulness of Israel in Egypt, it is safe to say that hundreds of children were born on a daily basis in all the tribes of Israel. Thousands of people were bound by fear for their families and relatives.

In the midst of this picture, we see a man and woman of faith who are expecting a baby. There is something different about them; I see them praying, but not for a girl.Israelwas promised deliverance and the time was about right for this promise to be fulfilled. They knew the word of God and those promises that moved Joseph to make an order regarding his bones which must be carried away when the Israelites will leave Egypt after four hundred years.

The deliverer is about to be born and I personally believe Moses’ parents were praying to see the fulfillment of this promise through the child that is about to be born. When the baby was born, there was joy in discovering that he was a proper child for that very mission – a baby boy who could potentially become the tool to lead his people out of Egypt. Later, we see how faithfully and diligently they communicated and engraved this truth in the heart of young Moses. It is such a good example of faith to me personally, that inspires me to pray, see and train my children to be the tools that God’s can use to bring a revival to the land.

Skipping a lot of details of the story of Moses, I want to focus on this heroic faith that knows no fear of men. Such faith was not merely an intellectual understanding of the word of God, but practical force that moved this couple to action. Faith that is rooted upon the word of God and acted upon always overcomes any form of fear. No matter what the devil throws at us, if we get hold of faith, fear will have to flee!

Practical faith looks for solutions to the problem, while being confident of the end. Faith sees things that the natural eye cannot see and opens doors that the enemy meant to keep closed. Faith gets a hold of the promises of God and causes people to live and act accordingly, and when others are scared to death, it triumphantly marches forward. On the road or on the boat, in private or in public, in a storm or in calm, when faith is strong – there is no fear! “Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?” said Jesus to his disciples.

Do you fear rejection of men? Are you tormented by fear of tomorrow? Does your heart melt when you hear speculations regarding the future? Do you fear for you life or fear death? All this fear is the sign of weak faith and requires your undivided attention. We can’t afford to lose faith and confidence in the living God. His promises and His word must find a way to be expressed in our daily life no matter what circumstances surround us. It must become a pillar that holds our present and our future or we are going to be tormented and paralyzed by fear.

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