BethanySMC - Thursday, 20 October 2011 03:51

In our pursuit of God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, we come upon another trait that marks those who belong to the Kingdom of God– contentment. For the common person in this world, there always comes a time when he/she becomes unsatisfied no matter what they have or have accomplished. Everything exciting this world has to offer is nothing but a moment of pleasure with hidden long lasting consequences. Millions of people are wandering in life and looking for something to satisfy them.

Love of money and other goods, lust and pride led millions to prisons. A desire to have more set the stake for many to gamble their freedom, families, and moral values. According to 1 Tim. 6:9, discontentment leads people into temptations and snare and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which draw men into destruction and perdition; piercing them through with many sorrows. This is a classic picture of today’s society.

How about thekingdomofGod? Do those who truly belong to God’s kingdom never deal with such sorrows? Is it enough to just have God to be completely satisfied and content? If you look around you will see many who claim to know God, believe Him and attempt to serve others, yet, they are no different then those in the world. Christians who are unsatisfied with what they have, how they look, who they are – is just a few examples. Has God failed them? Absolutely not! What is wrong with this picture then?       

People can claim and believe whatever they want; however, to be content you need to be assured and confident in the character, ability, strength, and truth of almighty God. Simply put, contentment is when a believer quits being in charge of his life and trusts God not only for salvation, but for every little detail of his life. That is real faith! The promises are there and they are real. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Would you trust God for the best in your life? I want to cry with Jesus from time to time. He looks atJerusalem and see its destiny, all the ruins, and destruction that will come upon His people – offering them salvation and protection. But people simply have turned their backs on Him. Nowadays there is a similar picture.

Yes, God is enough for those who are confident in Him regarding any circumstances. Yes, His power is greater than anything in this world! Yes, His promises are real, yes and yes, for those who are truly living for His kingdom, who do not consider this world as their final destination. Those who have achieved such a trust – they are much ahead in God’s kingdom even though they may be considered the least in this society. They are able to praise God and be thankful when they have a lot or have nothing to eat. When everything is calm or there is a storm, bright or dark. Are you satisfied today and content? Is something missing?  I’m sure Jesus would cry, if it was possible in heaven, looking at many Christians today who choose the way of this world with all its consequences. I will leave this question up to you. Is God enough? Or are you looking someplace else for satisfaction? How far you want to go and how much of God’s kingdom you desire is between you and God. Everyone must make a choice for themselves. However, I challenge you to put God’s kingdom a top priority in your life. That’s the best choice anyone can make.

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