Blessed are the merciful

BethanySMC - Thursday, 20 October 2011 02:11

Mercy: disposition to show kindness or compassion even when justice demands punishment.

Picture yourself in the shoes of a guilty man who did something worth punishment. It is not hard to picture this, since all of us had a point in our lives when we were in those shoes. Remember those moments when all you wanted was mercy: from parents, teacher, or a police officer.  Now take these feelings and magnify them a hundred thousand times – that would be just a scratch of what you would feel like when you will stand before the holy God, whose commandments you broke time and time again.

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy– said Jesus Mat 5:7. Indeed, it is a great blessing to obtain mercy from God. This blessing is promised for us if we mind to be merciful ourselves, to those who happen to live with us or those who we meet along the way.

There are many records in the Bible where Jesus thought us clearly by his own example what it means to be merciful. Jesus’ words had power because everything he thought – he practiced himself. You can see him going the extra mile, stretching himself to the limit- just to save one lost sheep and to grant forgiveness to the one whom people could not forgive. The very same thing he expects from us who will represent him from generation to generation. We are responsible for our generation, to show them the mercy that we expect to receive ourselves. 

Blessed are those who out of tenderness of heart are able to overlook personal injuries and treat an offender better than he deserves, forgive trespasses and show mercy to those who do not deserve it. Blessed are those who have a heart for people in need; who is compassionate to those who are in distress. Truly they are blessed- God will forgive them as they forgive others. He will have mercy on them in the time they need it most. I’m sure we are all in the need of His mercy; we all broke His commandments time and again. However, how much of God’ mercy we receive is up to us. If there is anything we can do to obtain more of it, it is to grant it to others day after day.

One day God will “look up your record” – blessed are you if you have been merciful in you life time.

While there is still time – let us make sure we have mercy on our record.

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