Be ye sober

BethanySMC - Wednesday, 24 October 2012 09:55

Who we ought to be & what we ought to do according to letters of Apostle Peter.

 The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober, and watch unto prayer. 1 Peter 4:7

Time and again, as we read the letters of Apostle Peter, the Holy Spirit compels us and stirs our heart, to live in the light of and look for the day of the Lord. A right prospective and mindset, regarding the time we are given here on this earth, sets the stage for responsible time management and for good choices that follow people who are looking for that day when they will be with God forever.

Every child of God should be expecting Christ’s coming and doing everything possible to bring this day closer and be ready for it. It is time for us to get excited because our deliverance and the coming of our King is closer to us than ever before. Although, it is truly good news for us, we should not be carried away into much emotions or to the extreme. Our actions must be governed by an earnestly thoughtful character and marked by temperance, avoiding extremes of behavior or any sort of addiction. It is crucial that our mind be working properly and not suppressed by any form of drugs or alcohol.

Let us engage our mind and heart to live today, as if it is the only day that we have, not presuming much upon the future. The tragedy of my close friends that just circulated the news makes me think hard; it should make us all think hard. Please pray sincerely for Denis Bukhantsov and for Alina’s family as they go through the deepest valley and the hardest test in their lives. No one knows when we will face our end and how soon. Are we going to be ready for that day? 

We are not in charge of the future, nor are any of us guaranteed tomorrow. Procrastinating with important issues such as repentance, sanctification and salvation could cost us eternity with God. There is much yet to be accomplished, people saved, the gospel preached, hearts and relationships restored, people encouraged and a lot more to do and pray for.

Careless, selfish life with meaningless and shallow prayers will not do any good for us or the work God wants us to do. Time is running short, let us be sober and watch in prayer.

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