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I will take a few minutes to walk you through the history of Alpha Youth Ministries. It is a relatively new name for the ministry that begun in the late nineteen hundreds – I just turned 17 when I joined the group of about twenty young Christians who loved the Lord and wanted to do something for His glory. The focus for that time was nursing homes where we would go regularly to sing, preach, and just talk to those who are to live there for the rest of their lives. Few years later I ended up being the leader of that group. It was quite a transaction from the insecure young man I was who never dreamed of taking the responsibility to lead others and manage projects. I never viewed myself as being able to do such things, but God who gives grace to the humble, gave me His grace sufficiently.


Over time the focus of our ministry changed. On a regular basis we visited our elderly brothers and sisters at home. We sang, preached and listened to the testimonies of their enduring faith in difficult times and circumstances. Visiting people wasn’t the only thing we did; we would go to downtown and feed the homeless people every Sunday after the evening service and shared the gospel of Jesus along the way.


For almost a year we had Saturday morning prayer meetings at 6am. I remember those times when we would gather together in the winter despite the dark nights, wind and rain. We grew in the Lord and were looking for new open doors for ministry. In 2004, God opened the door to minister to young people directly through a cell group that we began. God gave us unity and together we were able to reach over a 100 people with relative and practical teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bible studies, discussions, nights in prayer, group projects, church visits, and outdoor fellowships – just a few things that we did together.


In the beginning of 2008 and until the end of 2009 – most of our youth got married. We celebrated over a dozen of weddings during that period. I also married a beautiful, godly young lady  from our group. This chain of events caused us to change direction of our ministry for that particular time. I got involved in the ministry with young families and in training cell group leaders and preachers.


One year later, our first son was born and about a year after that another and in 2012 – another! Such a rapid expansion of my inner family ministry slowed me down in other areas. Yet, God opened another door to minister in – through the web and E-mails, as well as evangelizing through the brochures that I began to write. In the year of 2011, God enabled me and counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry of a deacon.


What you will find on this site is what God gave me in my devotions and in personal prayers. I pray God will use these resources for His glory to accomplish His purposes.


During 2013 we lunched six month leadership training  course  for current  &  future cell group leaders and youth ministers with an experience of less than 6 months.

The goals and vision of such training were:

  • To establish a solid spiritual foundation of biblical faith
  • To pass onto the next generation the youth ministers practical experience
  • Develop skills necessary for ministry among youth
  • Create an opportunity to learn by practice and example
  • Improve spiritual and practical level of the current youth minister

By God’s grace we have accomplished most of these goals. Praise God!!!


My family is growing in 2015 we got our fourth child!  As my family is growing and all these little ones need our time, training and discipleship, God is changing focus of our ministry one more time. We are now focused on raising Godly children that will be faithful workers in God’s kingdom. On this site you will find links to home and family related topics that we personally found very practical and useful.

By Alex and Svetlana Yevdokimenko

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